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End of Lease Questions

When should I start looking for my new lease deal?

Good question! As stock availability and lead times vary across different makes and models, we recommend you give us a quick call when you have at least 4 months left of your current lease. We can check the availability of the vehicles you are interested in and send you a quote for your next lease agreement. We can also advise on when the best time will be to place your renewal order to get the best value deal available.

Where can I find the return conditions for my lease agreement?

The majority of funders we work with will use the BVRLA’s Fair Wear and Tear guide to assess your vehicle at the end of your agreement. If you don't have a copy of the BVRLA's Fair Wear and Tear guide, just let us know and we will send this to you by email.

Where funders don’t use the BVRLA’s guide, they will include full details of what they consider to be fair wear and tear in your formal lease agreement. It’s worth checking your vehicle against the return conditions as early as 6 weeks before your vehicle is due to be returned, to give you plenty of time to make any necessary arrangements without pressure.

I haven’t used all of my contract miles, will I be refunded for any unused miles?

Unfortunately not, but be sure to let us know that you used less than the contract mileage of your last lease agreement as we may be able to save you on the cost of your next lease.

When should I take my private plate off my vehicle?

We recommend placing your private plate on retention at least 10 weeks before your vehicle is due to be returned. This is important as it can take several weeks for the retention to be complete and we don’t want your vehicle being returned along with your prized personal plate!

I’m thinking of leasing again, can both vehicles be changed over on the same day?

Yes! Our aim is to make changing vehicles as simple and easy as possible. With enough lead time, we can ensure both vehicles are swapped on the same day. We don’t want to leave you without a vehicle at any point.

For quotes on all makes and models, please just complete the Call Back Form below.

I don’t want to lease again.

We can still advise on how to end your agreement easilly. Not only will we send you all the return conditions and information you need, but also all the contact details and information that will help you arrange collection.

We will then be on hand during the day of your lease vehicle collection in case you need any additional help.

That all sounds good, but I didn’t order my current lease through Lease Comparison …

We can still help. Our mission is to make returning or renewing your lease vehicle as straightforward as possible. We can work with you to ensure you have all the information and advice you need and are feeling confident about the return of your vehicle.
We will also quote for a new vehicle at a competitive rate and advise on whether the vehicles can be exchanged on the same day for you.

This page hasn’t answered all my questions.

Just give us a call or email and we will be happy to help. Once we have helped with you query we might also be able to add your question to our renewals page to help others when their lease comes to an end.

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